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The Lavish Glow Medspa, PLLC is a IV hydration and Beauty concierge business that promotes wellness, self-care and beauty through medical spa services and health education. The Lavish Glow Medspa is owned and operated by a highly skilled, Mastered prepared Registered Nurse as well as overseen by a board certified Medical Doctor to ensure the safety and quality of clients and services. The GOAL of The Lavish Glow Medspa is to provide clients with a experience that comes with the best products, individualized client plans along with providing top service. 


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What is IV Hydration and Vitamin Therapy...

IV Hydration and Vitamin Therapy is... 

IV Hydration or Intravenous hydration is a treatment where fluids are delivered directly into your bloodstream via veins in your body to deliver hydration. This method is done by the insertion of a small bore IV into your vein in places like your lower/upper arm and/or hand. The fluids are all based with Normal Saline, a crystalloid fluid, that can be given plain or with added vitamins and some medications. The addition of vitamins such as Vitamin B12 and Vitamin C  ( just to name a few) are examples of some vitamins that can be added to a bag purchased. IV Hydration allows for 100% absorption as it bypasses the gut and causes faster hydration to take place than drinking water alone

Vitamin Therapy is simply the addition of essential supplements like vitamins, minerals and amino acids that are infused into the bag of normal saline. This just enhances your many benefits as you get ultimate  hydration. 

Potential benefits especially with the addition of certain nutrients/vitamins/ medicines include: 

Interested in Wellness Shots?

Wellness Shots are similar as IV hydration however, these vitamins.nutrients are not added into fluids. Instead, they are given via intramuscular shot. This can be given as a add-on or as a single service injection. This service take less than 30 min to administer - that includes set-up, draw-up, administration and monitoring.